Erik Madsen

Erik Madsen


Erik has a passion for business and business excellence. With over 30 years’ experience at the local, regional, national, and international levels, Erik has a proven track record of helping leadership teams experience success. From his days as a young farm boy in Eastern Idaho, to assisting entrepreneurs with competitive intelligence strategies to building and leading operations, sales, and marketing teams in 14 international countries, Erik has a wide breadth of practical business experience.

Too many owners struggle with frustrations related to people, profit, and performance. Erik experienced many of these same frustrations, until he discovered the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in 2016. By leveraging simple, real world, practical tools and a proven EOS process, Erik found that business became easier to manage allowing for increased vision, traction, and a healthier, more cohesive leadership team.

Together Erik, with his wife Debbie and their six children, love spending time with family and friends. Erik also enjoys his hobby farm, gardening, hiking, skiing, and reading good books.

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