Jared Maybon

Jared Maybon


Deeply dedicated to his wife and 5 children, Jared’s number one goal every day is to sweep his wife off her feet and show his children how to laugh and love.

Academically, Jared holds a bachelor’s degree in English teaching, a master's degree in leadership conducting research in learning behaviors with refugee and homeless populations, and engaged in doctoral studies in adult collaborative models.

Professionally, Jared has spent the past 7 years in the new home construction and real estate industry where he enjoyed speaking on national stages to industry leaders on topics surrounding business development, employee engagement, leadership, and work/life balance.

Jared recently resigned from his position as CEO of Highland Homes where he expanded operations into multiple markets and saw the company through 250% revenue growth over 5 years. His greatest joy during that time was seeing the impact a healthy leadership team could have on the individual lives of the people inside his company, as well as on those the company served.

Jared is now a certified EOS implementer with EOS Worldwide. When he's not playing sports with his boys, reading books, meditating in nature, or working and playing with his family, Jared spends his time helping leadership teams of organizations get healthy so they can change lives.

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