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All the RizeX networking events are deeply rooted in  helping people become more, live higher, and elevate your business. Pushing driven individuals that are in pursuit in building stronger communities. Our RizeX networking events will change you personally, and professionally, providing opportunities to learn from the experiences of professionals who have gone before.

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RizeX Virtual

Due to the current state of public health, RizeX has begun hosting RizeZ Virtual. The RizeX Virtual is designed to bring you the same empowering experience of a RizeX Mastermind directly into your home or workplace.

RizeX Mastermind

The RizeX Mastermind event helps us bring together business professionals to work together with our monthly mastermind by interacting with their presentation and then splitting up into groups to elevate each others businesses.   

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RizeX Golf Tournament

The RizeX Golf Tournament is an annual fundraiser for the RizeX Day Of Giving, Providing a day of fun for all involved and prizes for the winners.

RizeX Day Of Giving

The RizeX Day of Giving is our annual day of volunteering. Dedicating our time and energy to building stronger communities. 

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RizeX Connect

The RizeX Connect event is the dedicated networking event. Join us for a RizeX Connect event to get to know our members, learn more about their businesses, and build stronger relationships.

Rizecon is the largest annual event, with many professional presentations. This business conference is centered around helping individuals become more, live higher, and elevate their business.

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