Elite 80 Morning Routine



You have heard it said several times that the most successful people in the world have a consistent and structured morning routine. Success leaves clues correct!† So why not follow their daily routine?

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to stay committed to a program or process. Some Programs or Routines can be complex in nature, while others are quite simple.

I can honestly say that I think Iíve tried them all!† Some worked while others didnít work for me.† Why, you might ask? Because it wasnít focused on the things that created high levels of productivity to start the day!

So that is exactly why we created the†NEWThe Elite 80 Morning Routine!† The FIRST eighty minutes of your day to change your life forever if you are consistent and dedicated to the program.

NEWThe Elite 80 Morning Routine Consist of:

  1. Write down what you are grateful for! (5 minutes)
  2. Create/Write/Share your Personal Affirmations (5 minutes)
  3. 30 Minutes of Personal Development (30 Min)
  4. 30 Minutes of Exercise (30 Min)
  5. Goal Reflection (2 Min)
  6. Meditate (8 Min)

This Purchase Includes the following:

  1. NEW†The Elite 80 Morning Routine!
  2. RizeX Daily Progress Tracker
  3. 3 video series about with Daily RizeX Progress Tracker
  4. Access to the #RizeNation Facebook group
  5. $1 Will Be Donated to the Rizex day of giving
  6. Crazy Cool Bonuses
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