Aaron Marcum

Aaron Marcum

Founder and Chairman of Home Care Pulse and Professional EOS Implementer for VUE Advisors

Aaron has been an entrepreneur for over 20-years, starting a small marketing business from his living room in 1998. Although this business ultimately failed, this experience lit the entrepreneurial flame for Aaron and was the beginning of a journey he will forever be grateful for.

Since then, Aaron has successfully started and scaled two multi-million-dollar companies, each with over 125 employees.

In 2009, Aaron sold his second start-up, a successful home care agency, to a publicly traded firm and his third company, Home Care Pulse, has become a nationally recognized brand in the home care industry, helping nearly 2,000 home care providers decrease caregiver turnover and boost referrals.

However, like most companies, Home Care Pulse began to hit the ceiling a few years ago and Aaron knew they needed to get help. After exploring several business models, he discovered the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, otherwise known as EOS™. Within 18-months, Aaron and his team embraced the timeless concepts found in EOS, fully implementing EOS throughout the organization.

Since starting Home Care Pulse 10 years ago, Aaron has passionately helped hundreds of entrepreneurs scale their business and frankly live a better life.

This is who Aaron is at the core and since discovering EOS and witnessing its positive impact first hand, Aaron has turned over the day to day operations of Home Care Pulse to his highly capable leadership team and is now a trained Professional EOS Implementer.

This has allowed him to pursue his passion of helping entrepreneurs and their teams get better at excelling at three things: Vision, Traction, Healthy.

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