What Is The Elite 80?

The first time I heard the term I wondered the same thing. Just what is the Elite 80? Is this some exclusive golfing group? A yacht club? Or maybe it’s a 80cc scooter built by Honda! As it turns out, the Elite 80 isn’t a group of people of any kind. The Elite 80 is a method of success!

We’ve all heard how we have the most energy, are the most focused, and productive first thing in the morning. Type in “successful people’s” in google and one of the first recommendations is “morning routine” every time. Click through a few of the results and you’ll find long lists of multifaceted suggestions allowing more famous or successful people’s morning routine to fit in their list. While the suggestions they leave are good, they leave the interpretation and execution up to us. They are lacking structure.

How The Elite 80 Works

That problem is exactly what the Elite 80 has set out to change. No longer are we left to flounder looking up at seemingly superhuman schedules with no plan for achieving them. The Elite 80 works with you to increase your productivity throughout the day by planning out the first 80 minutes of your day. 

The plan is simple to make it easy to follow, with 6 simple steps. 

  1. Write Down What You Are Thankful For!
  2. Create/Write/Share Your Personal Affirmations
  3. 30 Minutes Of Personal Development
  4. 30 Minutes Of Exercise
  5. Goal Reflection
  6. Meditate

Why These 6 Steps?

Write Down What You Are Thankful For

Keeping an attitude of gratitude is a big part of maintaining productivity simply because things don’t always go our way. There are going to be times when everything just seems to fall down around our ears, no matter how productive or successful we may feel we have been. Keeping that attitude of gratitude around keeps us from focusing on past mistakes, and helps us recognize all that we still do have. It frames our perspective. Keeping us in a high functioning mindset!

Create/Write/Share Your Personal Affirmations

Writing personal affirmations can seem to be quite the strange habit to form. But it plays a hugely important role in your success. Personal affirmations exercise your belief in yourself, making it stronger day by day. In a sense, it reprograms the unconscious mind for success.

30 Minutes Of Personal Development

No one improves without effort. Adding a short 30 minutes of personal development at the start of each day pushes the process along faster than you could imagine. Whatever your goals, 30 minutes of effort every monday brings you closer to achieving your dreams. We recommend using this time to read some of many wonderful personal development books

30 Minutes Of Exercise

Getting your blood pumping first thing in the morning stimulates both the mind and the body. It prepares you for an active day of accomplishment, and gets you ready to solve whatever problems may come your way. Time and time again exercise has shown to have positive effects reaching far beyond one’s physique. Yet dedicating the time is often the biggest hurdle. 

Goal Reflection

To quote Earl Nightingale “People with goals succeed because they know where they are going.” Reflecting on our goals each morning ensures that they are on the forefront of our mind as we head out for the day each morning. This keeps us focused on the tasks that are the most relevant, and important to our goals in life, and at work.


Finally, the reason we include the 6th step is to once again improve productivity. It seems counterproductive at first glance, but meditation has a plethora of benefits including enhancing your executive function, working memory, concentration, and visuospatial processing. In simpler terms, it allows our minds to function on a higher plane, so much so, that the time lost during meditation is made up many times over throughout the day.

How Do I Start?

Getting started with the Elite 80 is just as simple as it sounds. Just following the simple 6 step process every morning pushes you past what you thought possible. But for additional support, and guidance to make sure this process changes your life in the best possible way, We offer a 6 module class and associated e-book

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