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The RizeX Professional Network creates the kinds of meaningful personal and professional development opportunities, powerful networking and business building experiences with other Idaho business leaders that lead to breakthroughs and business growth.

Man Mingling with Three Business Women at RizeX Idaho Networking Event

Business professionals often feel stuck and are looking for…

Grow Your Business with RizeX

The RizeX Professional Network is an Idaho networking community where you’ll create meaningful connections with a powerful group of local business leaders. Together, we explore common business challenges and celebrate each other's successes, all while learning from each other how we can be the most effective and have the most impact.


We are not a normal Idaho networking group. We leverage a curated round table RizeX Mastermind structure to build powerful authentic relations with individuals on a month to month basis. Opportunities are discussed and relationships are built through the power of deep connections.


Success leaves clues. We bring powerful, proven Executive Business Leaders in the room to share with our membership base the principles of business, the habits of successful people, and the lessons learned through successful business practice that can speed up the learning curve of business success.


We offer a monthly deep dive, peer to peer mentorship and coaching opportunity through a one and a half hour follow up discussions (Reconnect) with those who attend the roundtable RizeX Professional Mastermind experience. These Reconnect meetings are the heart and soul of the success of the monthly events.

Core Values

Our Core Values are Vision, Integrity, Drive and Authenticity or V.I.D.A. Vida in the Spanish Language means life.  We believe in bringing LIFE to everything we do; personal lives, professional experiences, networking opportunities.  We believe that Together We Rize!

Mission Statement

Creating Meaningful Impact on People, Organizations, and Communities. 

Who is RizeX for?

We are here to help the servant driven, motivated leaders in a community that are responsible for the success of their business or the success of the company they represent.  

RizeX is for those that are hungry, motivated, and excited about growing themselves and others. They are people that put in lots of time and energy into their business, and have always felt appreciated, but are looking for more. More people to connect with, more people to strengthen relationships with, more referral partnerships.

They are people that realize that in order to create more success in their lives, they need to consistently surround themselves with those who share the growth mentality.

Sound like you? Well come and join us. 

What Our Members Are Saying

Carolyn Holly

VP of Development at Idaho Business for Education

Jeremy Hix

Branch Manager at BBSI

Sheldon Christensen

Benefits Advisor for Ascent Benefits

Travis Brown

Business Development with BBSI

Group on Business Owners Sitting at Table and Smiling During Idaho Networking and Mastermind Event

Why do we do what we do?

Our RizeX Professional Network Family is more than just a resource for saving time, removing hassles, helping reduce costs, and simplifying your business.  Our Idaho networking group is a powerful collection of individuals that have come together to become more than just professional connections.  We provide each other with insights and experience, hope and motivation, and we care about each other and the success of each person in the room.

We are a professional Idaho networking group that prides ourselves on making meaningful connections with business, driven, and motivated leaders in communities.

Contact Us

591 Park Ave, Suite 101,
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83406

(208) 206 – 6317