RizeX Professional Growth Network

Mastermind Table Discussions

We engage in valuable conversations at our mastermind table discussions where you can gain expert advice, share your own experiences, and expand your knowledge. This nurturing and secure environment brings together decision makers who offer support and insights.

Reconnect Events

Forge enduring relationships with fellow members who share your values of trust and accountability. Our reconnect events provide opportunities to connect on a deeper level, ensuring you have a community to rely on when you need assistance. Putting others first is at the core of our community's philosophy.

Authentic Connections

Forge enduring relationships with fellow members who share your values of trust and accountability. Our reconnect events provide opportunities to connect on a deeper level, ensuring you have a community to rely on when you need assistance. Putting others first is at the core of our community's philosophy.

We are a collective of decision making, business professionals in service-based industries, equipped with a growth mindset. Our focus lies in fostering genuine connections among like-minded individuals in the Eastern and Western Idaho areas.

We differentiate ourselves from typical BNI or conventional leads groups, as well as from Chamber events, while wholeheartedly valuing and supporting each of these groups. Our approach goes beyond the traditional framework.

In addition, we distinguish ourselves from renowned organizations such as YPO, EO, and Vistage groups. While acknowledging the merits of these esteemed groups, we offer a distinct experience tailored to our members’ specific needs and aspirations.

Our community provides an alternative platform for networking, personal growth, and professional development, catering to individuals seeking a fresh perspective and a vibrant network of like-minded peers.

Business professionals often feel stuck and are looking for…

Grow Your Business with RizeX

Networking and connecting hold immense power in today's interconnected world. They serve as the catalysts for growth, opportunities, and success in both personal and professional realms. By actively engaging in networking activities, individuals open doors to a vast network of contacts, knowledge, and resources. Connections forged through networking can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and mentorship opportunities that can propel careers and businesses forward. Moreover, networking fosters a sense of community, support, and camaraderie, where like-minded individuals come together to share ideas, learn from one another, and provide guidance. It is through these authentic connections that lasting relationships are built, paving the way for mutual growth and achievement. In a world that thrives on relationships, harnessing the power of networking and connecting is a vital strategy for individuals and organizations alike, unlocking limitless possibilities and shaping a brighter future.

Mastermind Round Tables

We are not a normal Idaho networking group. We leverage a curated round table RizeX Mastermind structure to build powerful authentic relations with individuals on a month to month basis. Opportunities are discussed and relationships are built through the power of deep connections.

Authentic Relationships

Authentic connections in business possess remarkable power. They cultivate trust, loyalty, and understanding among clients, customers, and colleagues, leading to tailored experiences and stronger relationships. By fostering an environment of collaboration and support, these connections become a catalyst for long-term success and sustainable growth in a competitive business landscape.


We offer a monthly deep dive, peer to peer mentorship and coaching opportunity through a one and a half hour follow up discussions (Reconnect) with those who attend the roundtable RizeX Professional Mastermind experience. These Reconnect meetings are the heart and soul of the success of the monthly events.

Core Values

At the heart of our organization lie our core values: Vision, Integrity, Drive, and Authenticity, collectively known as V.I.D.A. The word “Vida” in Spanish translates to “life,” reflecting our commitment to infuse vitality into every aspect of our endeavors, be it personal growth, professional experiences, or networking opportunities. We firmly believe that by coming together, we can rise above challenges and achieve extraordinary outcomes. Together, We Rize!

Mission Statement

Creating meaningful connections with people, organizations, and communities

Who is RizeX for?

RizeX is the ultimate destination for driven, motivated leaders in our community who hold the keys to business success.

We cater to individuals who crave more—more connections, stronger relationships, and fruitful referral partnerships.

Our tribe is comprised of growth-minded go-getters, realizing that surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals is the secret to unlocking limitless success.

If you're hungry for growth, excitement, and an unparalleled network, RizeX is your go-to hub.

Don't miss out on joining our dynamic community where possibilities know no bounds.

What Our Members Are Saying

Carolyn Holly

VP of Development at Idaho Business for Education

Jeremy Hix

Branch Manager at BBSI

Sheldon Christensen

Benefits Advisor for Ascent Benefits

Travis Brown

Business Development with BBSI

Group on Business Owners Sitting at Table and Smiling During Idaho Networking and Mastermind Event

Why do we do what we do?

Our RizeX Professional Network Family is more than just a resource for saving time, removing hassles, helping reduce costs, and simplifying your business.  Our Idaho networking group is a powerful collection of individuals that have come together to become more than just professional connections.  We provide each other with insights and experience, hope and motivation, and we care about each other and the success of each person in the room.

We are a professional Idaho networking group that prides ourselves on making meaningful connections with business, driven, and motivated leaders in communities.

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591 Park Ave, Suite 101,
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83406

(208) 206 – 6317