General FAQ's

We are a group of business professionals in local communities that believe in Creating Meaningful Impact on People, Organizations and Communities. Our group consists of Local Business Driven Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Mid-level management members who are primarily responsible for the continued growth and development of a company. These individuals have over 7 years of experience owning, managing, and/or operating in a management level role. Company sizes are anywhere from 3 employees to 300 employees. The business title for people who are members or guests of our group include CEO, President, Executive Director, VP of Operations, VP of Sales, VP of Business Development, VP of Marketing. All are areas that bring qualified conversation to our round table conversations.

No, this is not like another BNI Group.  We have found that many of our members and guests have come from those who started and grew their business through “graduated” BNI Members.  Meaning – the members of BNI that have grown quickly enough to where they no longer have the bandwidth for attending weekly events but still want higher levels of accountability and support in how they build.  They want to come together to work on their business vs work in their current business model.

There are many tremendous value propositions as a member of the RizeX Professional Network Family.  The membership benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Professional Relationships with Emerging Leaders and Primary Business Drivers in Local Markets
  • Mentorship and Group Coaching/Feedback Sessions
  • New Revenue Opportunities
  • Leadership Development and Training
  • Networking Experiences that build Meaningful Connections
  • Digital Learning and Development
  • Recognition and Leadership among Peers

There are several additional areas of benefit that have not been outlined that play a part in the decision to become part of our RizeX Professional Family. 

We vet our speakers based on local business leaders who have credibility, authenticity and strong background in business and leadership.  Most of our speakers are chosen based on being an industry or subject matter expert.  If you have an interest in speaking at one of our events feel free to fill out the Speaker Application Process

When you become a member of the RizeX Professional Network Family you become one of the elite members of powerful networkers and leaders in a local community.  You get a chance to continuously rub shoulders with powerful business leaders who will open doors to you that you never could have done in any other networking group. 

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