Who is RizeX for?

Ok - so you’re on this page because we have you intrigued with what our RizeX Professional Network Community is all about, right? You’ve attended one of our events, you’ve met our powerful group of friends and colleagues, Our Community, and now you’d like to learn more about what we are doing, but more importantly what it means for you.

Great! In interviewing several of our members, and consistently asking questions, we have found that people come to our group for several reasons. We have been able to navigate those reasons and put them into three specific buckets.

Membership Benefits

Personal & Professional Development

We find that on a day to day basis, our members get so entrenched in the growth and productivity of their specific role, they often forget to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of why they are doing what they are doing. We offer opportunities to do just that. Look outside the box, both on a personal and professional level.

Become Part of A Like-Minded Community

There is something magical about bringing motivated, driven, business-minded leaders together in the same room. We find that when we fill a room full of people, just like you, there is power in the conversation, the new relationship, and the community. We are building just that, both online and in person.

Increase in Business Revenue

If you are coming just for the “LEADS,” this group is not for you. We don’t pass leads. Rather, we build strong relationships of trust that lead to an increase in desire to do business together. We don’t guarantee any specific ROI, but we have successfully seen millions of dollars passed between our Community Members.

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RizeX Professional Events
Networking with Like Minded Individuals
Online Business Community
Personalized Connections
Group Coaching and Mentorship
Membership Directory
Topic and Article Writing
Brand Exposure (Local + Online)
Sponsorship Opportunities
Access to RizeX Digital Asset Library
Access to Leadership Training Videos

What Our Members Are Saying

Carolyn Holly

VP of Development at Idaho Business for Education

Jeremy Hix

Branch Manager at BBSI

Sheldon Christensen

Benefits Advisor for Ascent Benefits

Travis Brown

Business Development with BBSI