Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim

June 2024

Blue Ocean Strategy

by W. Chan Kim

Key concepts from “Blue Ocean Strategy” include:

  • Red vs. Blue Oceans: In a Red Ocean, businesses compete head-to-head in existing markets, often leading to price wars and limited differentiation. Blue Oceans represent uncharted waters, where businesses can create new markets or redefine existing ones, offering unique value to customers.
  • Value Innovation: The authors emphasize the importance of value innovation, which involves simultaneously pursuing differentiation and low cost. By delivering superior value at a lower cost, companies can create new demand and attract customers.
  • Six Paths Framework: The book provides a systematic approach for identifying Blue Ocean opportunities by exploring six different paths:
    • Look across industries
    • Look within your industry
    • Consider alternative strategic groups
    • Explore complementary product and service offerings
    • Consider the functional-emotional orientation of products
    • Think about time and trends
  • Four Actions Framework: To create a Blue Ocean, businesses are encouraged to take four key actions:
    • Eliminate: Identify and eliminate elements of the industry’s value chain that are unnecessary or no longer add value.
    • Reduce: Reduce investments in certain areas or features that can be simplified without sacrificing customer satisfaction.
    • Raise: Identify areas where you can raise the value delivered to customers or enhance product/service features.
    • Create: Innovate and create new elements of value that have not been offered in the industry before.

“Blue Ocean Strategy” provides numerous case studies and practical tools to help businesses implement this strategy and find their own Blue Ocean opportunities. By focusing on innovation and differentiation, companies can break free from intense competition and achieve sustainable growth in untapped market spaces.

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