Interested in joining the RizeX Professional Growth Network? Here is how to start the membership process.

You’re a leading expert with a strong network and clientele. Believing in mutual benefits, you’re poised to both give and receive recommendations. You believe that trusted relationships will impact your business and that the more you serve others, it will come back to you.

You also hold a clear Vision for both your business and personal journey, act with unwavering Integrity, propel forward with Drive, and maintain Authentic relationships, then you could be a fit for the RizeX Professional Growth Network.  

Let’s start the Application process. 

  1. Complete the application form. 
  2. A RizeX Team Member will be in contact with you to schedule a one to one meeting. 
  3. Based on your background, the RizeX Team member will recommend you to the Group.  
  4. Based on the decision of the Group and the RizeX Team, you will receive your “approval” or “disapproval”. 
  5. If accepted, you will submit annual membership dues and become a member.
  6. You will then be introduced at the next RizeX Mastermind Event as the Newest Member.

Call or Text with any questions – Aubrey Harris 208-716-5932

First Step: please fill out the member interest form

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the RizeX Professional Growth Network.  Please take a few minutes to tell us about yourself.  Once we receive the application, we will contact you with next steps.  

We are a professional Idaho networking group that prides ourselves on making meaningful connections with business, driven, and motivated leaders in communities.

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