1. MEMBERSHIP COMMITMENT: The purpose of the one-year commitment is to foster and protect the business connections that are developed through consistent networking. By maintaining a stable membership base, RizeX can build stronger relationships, promote ongoing collaboration, and create a sense of trust among its members. Our guarantee is to provide quality connection experiences, with the understanding that the success of your experience and the ensuing outcome ultimately depends on the effort you put into it.
    • RizeX holds Mastermind Meetings in Boise every 2nd Wednesday and in Idaho Falls every 3rd Thursday from 7:30 am to 10:30 am. Attendance at these meetings is strongly encouraged, and members are urged to make every effort to attend.
    • Reconnect Meetings are scheduled with the Mastermind table lead, typically taking place during the week following the Mastermind Meeting. These meetings allow for further discussion and follow-up on the topics covered in the Mastermind session.
    • If for some reason the main member is unable to attend the monthly meeting, RizeX does allow members the opportunity to delegate their attendance to an approved alternate.
      (Please ask for an Alternate Application if desired). By designating an approved alternate, members can still participate and benefit from the meeting discussions and activities, maintaining the value of their membership.
  2. MEMBERSHIP EXPECTATIONS: RizeX expects members to demonstrate a high level of effort and dedication. Members should be willing to work together, share knowledge and ideas, and support each other’s growth and development. Be open to learning, embrace challenges, and see setbacks as opportunities for growth and improvement. Core values of vision, integrity, drive, and authenticity contribute to the success and effectiveness of the RizeX experience.
  3. MEMBERSHIP DUES: Members have the option to pay their dues either on a monthly ($300) or annual basis ($3600), depending on their preference and the payment plan chosen. The dues are required to be paid at the beginning of each billing period or membership year.
  4. CANCELLATION: In the event members wish to terminate their commitment before the one-year duration is fulfilled, a cancellation fee will be incurred. This fee is equivalent to 30% of the remaining contract months or $900, whichever amount is lower. Following the year commitment, members are allowed to cancel their membership if they choose to do so. To initiate the cancellation process, the member is required to provide written notice to RizeX. Please send a formal letter or email. The cancellation will become effective 30 days after RizeX receives the notice. This means that the member will continue to have access to the benefits and privileges of membership for the 30-day notice period.
  5. CONFIDENTIALITY: Members acknowledge that RizeX may provide certain confidential information in connection with its membership, including information related to other members, business strategies, and trade secrets. Members agree to maintain the confidentiality of such information and use it solely for the purpose of advancing the goals and objectives of RizeX and its members.
  6. TERMINATION FOR CAUSE: This provision emphasizes the importance of fulfilling the obligations and responsibilities outlined in the membership commitment. Failure to meet these requirements, such as non-payment of membership dues or breaching confidentiality provisions, can result in the termination of the agreement. RizeX reserves the right to terminate the agreement. The termination will take effect immediately upon written notice to the member.