Transition and transformation are a fundamental part of human existence. Whether it’s relocating to a new city, changing careers, or starting a new relationship, life is all about constant evolution.

However, each shift requires thoughtful planning and execution. This is where the teachings of Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach, and Benjamin Hardy, PhD, an organizational psychologist, can be immensely helpful. They have provided me with invaluable insights into personal growth and life transitions. As I have studied them, I have realized the power they can bring to our lives individually, hence I wanted to share them with you.

Here are five things to consider when making a significant shift in your personal life, as gleaned from their work.

1. Understand Your Unique Ability

One of the core concepts in Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach program is the idea of the Unique Ability. This is the idea that everyone has a unique set of talents and passions that can be leveraged to bring immense value to the world. Before making a significant life shift, you should take time to understand and articulate your Unique Ability. It can be an important guidepost in determining the direction of your transition.

Here’s a link to a great Blog Post about Unique Abilities.

2. Establish Your Future Self

Dr. Benjamin Hardy is a strong advocate for the power of shaping your identity based on your desired future, not your past. Before initiating a change, envision the ‘future self’ you aspire to become. This is not just about your goals; it’s about defining who you want to be, which in turn will inform what you do and ultimately what you have.

3. Embrace a Growth Mindset

Sullivan emphasizes the importance of a growth mindset, a belief that you can develop and expand your skills and intelligence through hard work, strategies, and input from others. This mindset will not only help you navigate the challenges that come with major life changes but also allow you to learn and grow from these experiences.

4. Use Decision Fatigue to Your Advantage

Hardy’s writings often discuss the concept of decision fatigue, which is the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long session of decision-making.

When planning a major shift, aim to minimize trivial decisions to preserve your mental energy for more important choices. Structuring your day and routines can help in reducing decision fatigue, leading to more productive use of your mental energy.

5. Build a Network of Positive Relationships

Both Sullivan and Hardy recognize the importance of relationships in supporting and catalyzing personal growth. Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you, share your values, and support your growth is essential during periods of significant change. They can provide emotional support, offer different perspectives, and hold you accountable to your future self.

Making a significant shift in your life can be an exciting yet daunting endeavor. But with these principles from Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy, you can navigate these changes with greater clarity, confidence, and success.

Remember, you are not just evolving your circumstances; you are shaping a future self in line with your highest aspirations. Embrace the journey!

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